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A server discovery policy is defined in Cisco UCS Manager.
Which two actions are initiated by the policy when a new server starts? (Choose two.)

A. The qualification in the server discovery policy is executed against the server.
B. The scrub policy is applied to the server, if configured.
C. A service profile is created for the server with the identity burned into the server at time of
D. The inventory of the server is analyzed.
E. The server is assigned to the selected organization, if configured.

Answer(s): B, E
Which two tasks can you perform from Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose two.)

A. Configure SAN PIN groups.
B. Restart an Oracle database.
C. Configure or manage external storage on the SAN.
D. Configure QoS classes and definitions.
E. Deploy an operating system.

Answer(s): A, C
You are configuring HTTPS access to Cisco UCS Manager. You create a key ring, you issue a
certificate request for the key ring, and you create the certificate request for the key ring. You
discover that you stil receive untrusted connection messages when connecting to Cisco UCS
Manager from a Firefox browser and a Google Chrome browser.
What should you do to resolve the issue?

A. Create a trusted point.
B. Obtain a validated certificate from Cisco.
C. Use only the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
D. Sign the certificate by using Cisco UCS Manager.

Answer(s): D
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