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only when the EAP authentication method is PEAP.
D. Enable AAA override on the SSID and configure an access policy in ACS that puts clients
that authenticated using EAP-FAST into a quarantine VLAN.

Answer(s): D
An engineer is configuring a BYOD deployment strategy and prefers a single SSID model.
Which technology is required to accomplish this configuration?

A. mobility service engine
B. wireless control system
C. identify service engine
D. Prime Infrastructure

Answer(s): C
When you configure BYOD access to the network, you face increased security risks and
chal enges. Which chal enge is resolved by deploying digital client certificates?

A. managing the increase connected devices
B. ensuring wireless LAN performance and reliability
C. providing device choice and support
D. enforcing company usage policies

Answer(s): D

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