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Which configuration changes need to be made to allow WPA2 + PSK to operate property on the
East- WLC-2504A control er? (Choose four.)

A. Disable Dynamic AP Management.
B. Click on the Status Enabled radio button.
C. Change the Layer 3 Security to Web Policy.
D. Change the WPA + WPA2 Parameters to WPA2 Policy-AES.
E. Change the PSK Format to HEX.
F. Change the WLAN ID.
G. Change the VLAN Identifier.
H. Change the IP Address of the Virtual interface.
I. Change the SSID name of the WLAN.
J. Click on the PSK radio button and add the password in the text box.

Answer(s): B, F, I, J
Refer to the exhibit.

What is the IP address?

A. the wireless client IP address
B. the RADIUS server IP address
C. the controller management IP address
D. the lightweight IP address
E. the controller AP-manager IP address
F. the controller virtual interface IP address

Answer(s): F
A Customer is concerned about denial of service attacks that impair the stable operation of the
corporate wireless network. The customer wants to purchase mobile devices that wil operate on
the corporate wireless network. Which IEEE standard should the mobile devices support to
address the customer concerns?

A. 802.11w

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