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A. ap Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default-group
B. ap name Floor1_AP1 apgroup default-group
C. ap name Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default-group
D. ap name Floor1_AP1 ap-groupname default

Answer(s): C
An engineer is configuring a new mobility anchor for a WLAN on the CLI with the config wlan
mobility anchor add 3 command, but the command is failing. Which two conditions
must be met to be able to enter this command? (Choose two.)

A. The anchor controller IP address must be within the management interface subnet. B. The
anchor controller must be in the same mobility group.
C. The WLAN must be enabled.
D. The mobility group keepalive must be configured.
E. The indicated WLAN ID must be present on the controller.

Answer(s): A, B
A customer has deployed PEAP authentication with a Novell eDirectory LDAP Server. Which
authentication method must be configured on the client to support this deployment?


Answer(s): C
Access points at branch sites for a company are in FlexConncct mode and perform local
switching, but they authenticate to the central RADIUS at headquarters. VPN connections to the
headquarters have gone down, but each branch site has a local authentication server. Which
three features on the wireless controller can be configured to maintain network operations if this
situation reoccurs? (Choose three.)

A. Put APs in FlexConnect Group for Remote Branches.
B. Set Branch RADIUS as Primary.
C. Put APs in AP Group Per Branch.
D. Put APs in FlexConnect Group Per Branch.
E. Set Branch RADIUS OS Secondary.
F. Set HQ RADIUS a-s primary.

Answer(s): A, E, F

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