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What are the two advantages of deploying cloud-based Cisco SD-WAN controllers? (Choose two.)

  1. centralized control and data plane
  2. distributed authentication policies
  3. management of SLA
  4. infrastructure as a service
  5. centralized raid storage of data

Answer(s): C,D

A customer is receiving routes via OMP from vSmart controller for a specific VPN. The customer must provide access to the W2 loopback received via OMP to the OSPF neighbor on the service-side VPN, which configuration fulfils these requirements?

Answer(s): D


Answer must start with VPN 10(service side) & should have metric-type 1 and not with VPN 0 (transport side)

An engineer wants to automate the onboarding process for a WAN Edge router with vManage. Which command will accomplish this?

  1. request vedge-cloud activate chassis-number <chassis-number> serial <serial>
  2. request vedge-cloud activate chassis-number <chassis-number> token <token-number>
  3. request vedge-cloud activate serial <serial> token <token-number>
  4. request vedge-cloud activate chassis-number <chassis-number> organization <organization>

Answer(s): B

An administrator is configuring the severity level on the vManage NMS for events that indicate that an action must be taken immediately. Which severity level must be configured?

  1. warning
  2. error
  3. critical
  4. alert

Answer(s): D

Free 300-415 Exam Questions & Answers


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