Free 300-715 Exam Braindumps

Which personas can a Cisco ISE node assume?

  1. policy service, gatekeeping, and monitoring
  2. administration, monitoring, and gatekeeping
  3. administration, policy service, and monitoring
  4. administration, policy service, gatekeeping

Answer(s): C


What is the maximum number of PSN nodes supported in a medium-sized deployment?

  1. two
  2. three
  3. five
  4. eight

Answer(s): C


A network administrator must configure Cisco ISE Personas in the company to share session information via syslog.

Which Cisco ISE personas must be added to syslog receivers to accomplish this goal?

  1. admin
  2. policy services
  3. monitor
  4. pxGrid

Answer(s): C

An organization wants to split their Cisco ISE deployment to separate the device administration functionalities from the main deployment. For this to work, the administrator must deregister any nodes that will become a part of the new deployment, but the button for this option is grayed out.

Which configuration is causing this behavior?

  1. All of the nodes are actively being synched.
  2. All of the nodes participate in the PAN auto failover.
  3. One of the nodes is an active PSN.
  4. One of the nodes is the Primary PAN.

Answer(s): D


An administrator is adding network devices for a new medical building into Cisco ISE. These devices must be in a network device group that is identifying them as “Medical Switch” so that the policies can be made separately for the endpoints connecting through them.

Which configuration item must be changed in the network device within Cisco ISE to accomplish this goal?

  1. Change the device profile to Medical Switch.
  2. Change the device type to Medical Switch.
  3. Change the device location to Medical Switch.
  4. Change the model name to Medical Switch.

Answer(s): B