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DRAG DROP (Drag and Drop is not supported).
Drag and drop the OSs from the left onto the correct descriptions on the right.
Select and Place:

  1. See Explanation section for answer.

Answer(s): A



Refer to the exhibit. P3 and PE4 are at the edge of the service provider core and serve as ABR routers. Aggregation areas are on either side of the core.
Which statement about the architecture is true?

  1. To support seamless MPLS, the BGP route re ector feature must be disabled.
  2. If each area is running its own IGP, BGP must provide an end-to-end MPLS LSP.
  3. If each area is running its own IGP, the ABR routers must redistribute the IGP routing table into BGP.
  4. To support seamless MPLS, TDP must be used as the label protocol.

Answer(s): B

Reference: 12/con guration_guide/mpls/b_1612_mpls_9600_cg/ con guring_seamless_mpls.html

Which component is similar to an EVPN instance?

  1. router distinguisher
  2. MPLS label
  3. IGP router ID
  4. VRF

Answer(s): D

Why do Cisco MPLS TE tunnels require a link-state routing protocol?

  1. The link-state database provides segmentation by area, which improves the path-selection process.
  2. The link-state database provides a data repository from which the tunnel endpoints can dynamically select a source ID.
  3. Link-state routing protocols use SPF calculations that the tunnel endpoints leverage to implement the tunnel.
  4. The tunnel endpoints use the link-state database to evaluate the entire topology and determine the best path.

Answer(s): D

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