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Which two statements about import and export route control in an ACI fabric are true?
(Choose two.)

A. Prefixes learned from OSPF/EIGRP L30urs are never permitted inbound by default.
B. Prefixes learned from BGP L3outs cannot be filtered inbound.
C. Export route control controls if the prefixes are redistributed from MP-BGP to the egress leaf.
D. Prefixes permitted inbound are redistributed into MP-BGP at the ingress leaf.

Answer(s): C, D
Refer to the exhibit.

Using which method is the host with MAC address (002a.6a5c0d44) learned?

A. Local physical port
B. Remote FabricPath mode
C. Remote VTEP
D. Remote router running NVE
E. Local SVI

Answer(s): C
Which statement about soft pinning is incorrect?

A. If no uplink Ethernet port channel is configured with all VLANs on the vNI
C.Cisco UCS Manager drops the traffic for all of the VLANs on the vNIC.
B. When the VLAN validation fails, a VLAN mismatch fault with a severity of warning appears.
C. It is the default behavior Cisco UCS.
D. Cisco UCS Manager pins the vNIC to an uplink Ethernet port or port channel according to
VLAN membership criteria.

Answer(s): B