Free 500-901 Exam Braindumps

What is the purpose of a virtual switch?

  1. Virtual switches manage storage requests from virtual machines
  2. Virtual switches present NiCs to virtual machines for network connectivity
  3. Virtual switches recommend QoS options to the hypervisor for network connectivity
  4. Virtual switches present NICs to the UCSM for network connectivity

Answer(s): B

When can you use UCS Director to provision Service Profile template?

  1. For initial Service Profile template
  2. Always
  3. Never
  4. Only for updating service Profile template

Answer(s): A

Which three scalability options are applicable lo Cisco HyperFlex? (Choose three.)

  1. Add additional hyperconverged nodes to expand both storage capacity and compute resources
  2. Add compute-only nodes to expand compute resources without adding additional storage capacity
  3. Add memory-only nodes to expand memory resources without adding storage capacity
  4. Add network cards to increase to without adding node capacity
  5. Add additional storage to existing nodes to efficiently expand storage capacity without adding compote resources
  6. Add clusters to improve overall system performance and manage w*h UCS Central

Answer(s): A,C,E

An administrator needs to configure NPV between an edge fabric switch which will support application servers, and an upstream core switch. A Fiber Channel (FC) link exists between the two switches. What two statements are true? (Choose two)

  1. The port roles on the edge fabric switch
  2. The port that connects to the core switch writ be an UP port
  3. The ports that connect to the servers will be F ports.
  4. The port that connects the switches is a TE port
  5. The port that connects to the cote switch will be an FP port.
  6. The pons that connect to the servers will be N pons

Answer(s): A,B

ACME technologies is deploying a large number of similar UCS. What type of the Cisco UCS design is recommended?

  1. Initial template based service profiles
  2. Updating template based service profile
  3. Updating non-template based service profiles
  4. Initial non-template based service profiles

Answer(s): A