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  • Updated On: 8-Aug-2022

A service provider is running BGP with clients at the edge of the network. The service provider
sees that routing updates from one site are being dropped when the other site receives them.
Which feature fixes this issue?

A. EBGP multihop
B. inter-AS peering
C. AS-override
D. allow-AS in

Answer(s): C
Refer to the network diagram in the exhibit.

If both ASBRs are advertising the external Destination X network as OSPF E2 route, what is the
best path for the R1 router to reach Network X?

A. R1 wil use the path via ASBR 2 as the best path.
B. R1 wil use the path via ASBR 1 as the best path.
C. R1 wil load balance between two equal cost paths via ASBR 1 and ASBR 2.
D. R1 wil sees two equal costs and wil choose the path through the ASBR with the lower OSPF
router ID.

Answer(s): B