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  • Updated On: 23-Apr-2019

QUESTION: 1Which command displays the traffic statistics for a port channel interface?
A. show interface port-channel channel-number
B. show port-channel traffic
C. show port-channel usage
D. show port-channel compatibility-parameters
Answer(s): B

Which statement is true regarding LACP configuration?

A. With LACP, you can bundle up to 16 interfaces in a channel group.
B. LACP configuration is global and can be only configured by admin.
C. After removing LACP configuration, you need to reboot the device.
D. You can disable LACP while any LACP configurations are present.
Answer(s): A

Which two statements are true regarding vPC configuration? (Choose two.)

A. With vPC, there are no blocked ports.
B. vPC uses hash-based EtherChannel load balancing.
C. There are STP-blocked redundant links.
D. There is VLAN-based load balancing.
E. There is higher oversubscription.
Answer(s): A, B

Refer to exhibit.

Customer has a pair of Cisco Nexus7010s switches and connected to a single Cisco
Nexus5548 switch via vPC. Customer has a combination of M1 and F1 I/O Modules in Cisco
Why is the design described not supported?

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