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Which two are Cisco recommended controller options for deployment of up to 150 AP's? (Choose two.)

  1. Cisco 3504 WLC
  2. Cisco 5508 WLC
  3. Cisco Mobility Express
  4. Cisco 8540 WLC
  5. Cisco 5520 WLC

Answer(s): A,C

How do Cisco catalyst SMB switches enable new business outcomes?

  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE) to allow the network to keep running during power outages.
  2. Highly scalable architecture
  3. Fully mobility enabled
  4. Significant Reduction in cabling cost

Answer(s): A

Which two characteristics differentiate the Meraki Dashboard from competing network management interfaces? (Choose two.)

  1. Comprehensive aggregator of multi-vendor networks
  2. Intuitive cloud-based user interface
  3. Instantaneous access to virtualized applications
  4. Built-in live chat for on-demand troubleshooting support
  5. Centralized single pane of glass for access and management

Answer(s): B,D

Which is a K-12 feature supported in Mobility Express?

  1. CMX Cloud support
  2. Guest WLAN enhancements
  3. mDNS Gateway
  4. Schedule WLAN
  5. Expert View in the WebUI

Answer(s): A

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