Free 220-1102 Exam Braindumps

A technician installed a known-good, compatible motherboard on a new laptop. However, the motherboard is not working on the laptop. Which of the following should the technician MOST likely have done to prevent damage?

  1. Removed all jewelry
  2. Completed an inventory of tools before use
  3. Practiced electrical fire safety
  4. Connected a proper ESD strap

Answer(s): A

A user calls the help desk to report that none of the files on a PC will open. The user also indicates a program on the desktop is requesting payment in exchange for file access A technician verifies the user's PC is infected with ransorrrware. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  1. Scan and remove the malware
  2. Schedule automated malware scans
  3. Quarantine the system
  4. Disable System Restore

Answer(s): C

A technician found that an employee is mining cryptocurrency on a work desktop. The company has decided that this action violates its guidelines. Which of the following should be updated to reflect this new requirement?

  1. MDM
  2. EULA
  3. IRP
  4. AUP

Answer(s): D

A desktop specialist needs to prepare a laptop running Windows 10 for a newly hired employee. Which of the following methods should the technician use to refresh the laptop?

  1. Internet-based upgrade
  2. Repair installation
  3. Clean install
  4. USB repair
  5. In place upgrade

Answer(s): C

A technician is troubleshooting an issue involving programs on a Windows 10 machine that are loading on startup but causing excessive boot times. Which of the following should the technician do to selectively prevent programs from loading?

  1. Right-click the Windows button, then select Run entering shell startup and clicking OK, and then move items one by one to the Recycle Bin
  2. Remark out entries listed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Run
  3. Manually disable all startup tasks currently listed as enabled and reboot checking for issue resolution at startup
  4. Open the Startup tab and methodically disable items currently listed as enabled and reboot, checking for issue resolution at each startup.

Answer(s): C