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A threat hunting team receives a report about possible APT activity in the network.
Which of the following threat management frameworks should the team implement?

  1. NIST SP 800-53
  3. The Cyber Kill Chain
  4. The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis

Answer(s): B


Device event logs sources from MDM software as follows:

Which of the following security concerns and response actions would BEST address the risks posed by the device in the logs?

  1. Malicious installation of an application; change the MDM configuration to remove application ID 1220.
  2. Resource leak; recover the device for analysis and clean up the local storage.
  3. Impossible travel; disable the device’s account and access while investigating.
  4. Falsified status reporting; remotely wipe the device.

Answer(s): C

An energy company is required to report the average pressure of natural gas used over the past quarter. A PLC sends data to a historian server that creates the required reports.

Which of the following historian server locations will allow the business to get the required reports in an ОТ and IT environment?

  1. In the ОТ environment, use a VPN from the IT environment into the ОТ environment.
  2. In the ОТ environment, allow IT traffic into the ОТ environment.
  3. In the IT environment, allow PLCs to send data from the ОТ environment to the IT environment.
  4. Use a screened subnet between the ОТ and IT environments.

Answer(s): D

Which of the following is a benefit of using steganalysis techniques in forensic response?

  1. Breaking a symmetric cipher used in secure voice communications
  2. Determining the frequency of unique attacks against DRM-protected media
  3. Maintaining chain of custody for acquired evidence
  4. Identifying least significant bit encoding of data in a .wav file

Answer(s): D



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