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An organization is referencing NIST best practices for BCP creation while reviewing current internal organizational processes for mission-essential items.

Which of the following phases establishes the identification and prioritization of critical systems and functions?

  1. Review a recent gap analysis.
  2. Perform a cost-benefit analysis.
  3. Conduct a business impact analysis.
  4. Develop an exposure factor matrix.

Answer(s): C


An organization is preparing to migrate its production environment systems from an on-premises environment to a cloud service. The lead security architect is concerned that the organization's current methods for addressing risk may not be possible in the cloud environment.

Which of the following BEST describes the reason why traditional methods of addressing risk may not be possible in the cloud?

  1. Migrating operations assumes the acceptance of all risk.
  2. Cloud providers are unable to avoid risk.
  3. Specific risks cannot be transferred to the cloud provider.
  4. Risks to data in the cloud cannot be mitigated.

Answer(s): C


A company created an external application for its customers. A security researcher now reports that the application has a serious LDAP injection vulnerability that could be leveraged to bypass authentication and authorization.

Which of the following actions would BEST resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  1. Conduct input sanitization.
  2. Deploy a SIEM.
  3. Use containers.
  4. Patch the OS
  5. Deploy a WAF.
  6. Deploy a reverse proxy
  7. Deploy an IDS.

Answer(s): A,E


A) Conduct input sanitization.
E) Deploy a WAF.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) injection is a type of attack in which an attacker manipulates LDAP statements using input fields in an application. This can lead to security vulnerabilities, like bypassing authentication or revealing sensitive data.

Conducting input sanitization (A) is one of the most effective measures against LDAP injection. This involves cleaning up user input to remove or encode characters that have special meaning in LDAP queries.

Deploying a Web Application Firewall (WAF) (E) can also be effective in preventing LDAP injection attacks. A WAF can be configured to detect and block suspicious requests that look like LDAP injection.

While using containers (C) could help with some aspects of application security, it does not directly address LDAP injection issues. Patching the OS (D) is always a good practice, but it does not necessarily protect against LDAP injection. Deploying a SIEM (B), IDS (G), or reverse proxy (F) might help detect or potentially mitigate some kinds of attacks, but they don't provide specific protections against LDAP injection.

In preparation for the holiday season, a company redesigned the system that manages retail sales and moved it to a cloud service provider. The new infrastructure did not meet the company’s availability requirements. During a postmortem analysis, the following issues were highlighted:

1. International users reported latency when images on the web page were initially loading.
2. During times of report processing, users reported issues with inventory when attempting to place orders.
3. Despite the fact that ten new API servers were added, the load across servers was heavy at peak times.

Which of the following infrastructure design changes would be BEST for the organization to implement to avoid these issues in the future?

  1. Serve static content via distributed CDNs, create a read replica of the central database and pull reports from there, and auto-scale API servers based on performance.
  2. Increase the bandwidth for the server that delivers images, use a CDN, change the database to a non-relational database, and split the ten API servers across two load balancers.
  3. Serve images from an object storage bucket with infrequent read times, replicate the database across different regions, and dynamically create API servers based on load.
  4. Serve static-content object storage across different regions, increase the instance size on the managed relational database, and distribute the ten API servers across multiple regions.

Answer(s): A

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