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A security engineer has been asked to close all non-secure connections from the corporate network. The engineer is attempting to understand why the corporate UTM will not allow users to download email via IMAPS. The engineer formulates a theory and begins testing by creating the firewall ID 58, and users are able to download emails correctly by using IMAP instead. The network comprises three VLANs:

The security engineer looks at the UTM firewall rules and finds the following:

Which of the following should the security engineer do to ensure IMAPS functions properly on the corporate user network?

  1. Contact the email service provider and ask if the company IP is blocked.
  2. Confirm the email server certificate is installed on the corporate computers.
  3. Make sure the UTM certificate is imported on the corporate computers.
  4. Create an IMAPS firewall rule to ensure email is allowed.

Answer(s): B

A security analyst is reviewing network connectivity on a Linux workstation and examining the active TCP connections using the command line.

Which of the following commands would be the BEST to run to view only active Internet connections?

  1. sudo netstat -antu | grep “LISTEN” | awk ‘{print$5}’
  2. sudo netstat -nlt -p | grep “ESTABLISHED”
  3. sudo netstat -plntu | grep -v “Foreign Address”
  4. sudo netstat -pnut -w | column -t -s $’\w’
  5. sudo netstat -pnut | grep -P ^tcp

Answer(s): E


A shipping company that is trying to eliminate entire classes of threats is developing an SELinux policy to ensure its custom Android devices are used exclusively for package tracking.

After compiling and implementing the policy, in which of the following modes must the company ensure the devices are configured to run?

  1. Protecting
  2. Permissive
  3. Enforcing
  4. Mandatory

Answer(s): C


A security analyst receives an alert from the SIEM regarding unusual activity on an authorized public SSH jump server. To further investigate, the analyst pulls the event logs directly from /var/log/auth.log:

Which of the following actions would BEST address the potential risks by the activity in the logs?

  1. Alerting the misconfigured service account password
  2. Modifying the AllowUsers configuration directive
  3. Restricting external port 22 access
  4. Implementing host-key preferences

Answer(s): C


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