Free LX0-101 Exam Braindumps

An administrator is planning a partition scheme for a new Linux installation. Which of the following directories should the administrator consider for separate partitions? (Select THREE).

  1. /etc
  2. /home
  3. /var
  4. /lib
  5. /tmp

Answer(s): B,C,E

The priority of any process can range from -20 to ________. (Provide only the numerical value).

  1. +19, 19

Answer(s): A

What option, when passed to the yum command, will update the entire system? (Specify ONLY the option name with no additional parameters).

  1. update

Answer(s): A

What command is used to display a file in octal format? (Please enter only a single command and do not enter duplicate answers in this field.)

  1. /usr/bin/hexdump, /usr/bin/od, hexdump, od

Answer(s): A

Which of the following Debian package system commands will list all partially installed packages and suggest how to get them correctly installed?

  1. dpkg -C
  2. apt-get -u
  3. dpkg -Dh
  4. dpkg -l
  5. apt-get -y

Answer(s): A