Free N10-008 Exam Braindumps

A technician is troubleshooting a network switch that seems to stop responding to requests intermittently whenever the logging level is set for debugging.
Which of the following metrics should the technician check to begin troubleshooting the issue?

  1. Audit logs
  2. CPU utilization
  3. CRC errors
  4. Jitter

Answer(s): B

A branch of a company recently switched to a new ISP. The network engineer was given a new IP range to assign. The ISP assigned, and the branch gateway router now has the following configurations on the interface that peers to the ISP:

The network engineer observes that all users have lost Internet connectivity.
Which of the following describes the issue?

  1. The incorrect subnet mask was configured
  2. The incorrect gateway was configured
  3. The incorrect IP address was configured
  4. The incorrect interface was configured

Answer(s): A

A network administrator wants to test the throughput of a new metro Ethernet circuit to verify that its performance matches the requirements specified m the SLA.
Which of the following would BEST help measure the throughput?

  1. iPerf
  2. Ping
  3. NetFlow
  4. Netstat

Answer(s): A

Which of the following can be used to centrally manage credentials for various types of administrative privileges on configured network devices?

  1. SSO
  2. TACACS+
  3. Zero Trust
  4. Separation of duties
  5. Multifactor authentication

Answer(s): B

A technician is searching for a device that is connected to the network and has the device's physical network address.
Which of the following should the technician review on the switch to locate the device's network port?

  1. IP route table
  2. VLAN tag
  3. MAC table
  4. QoS tag

Answer(s): C