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  • Updated On: 19-Aug-2019

Topic 1, Exam Set A

A server administrator is setting up a new set of hosts for an application that requires
communication between all the hosts on a dedicated private subnet. Initially, the configuration
consists of four hosts and is expected to grow to 48 total as the application is implemented for
the entire company. When configuring the private subnet, which of the following CIDR netmasks
would allow for the full number of hosts once the application is fully in production with the least
number of unused addresses allocated?

A. /25
B. /26
C. /27
D. /28

Answer(s): B
An administrator needs to reconfigure a Linux server's operating system. Which of the following
tools can the administrator use to access a command shell over the network? (Select TWO).

A. Connect with SSH
B. Connect with RDP
C. Connect with VNC
D. Connect with BASH
E. Connect with FTP

Answer(s): A, C
An organization has agreed on the software that wil be used to virtualize the company's web
servers. Which of the following should the administrator reference prior to purchasing physical
servers to be deployed as hosts in the new virtual architecture?

A. The vendor's software compatibility list
B. The vendor's service level agreement
C. The vendor's hardware compatibility list
D. The vendor's end user licensing agreement

Answer(s): C
Which of the following is the MOST secure method of storing critical and sensitive system
information (e.g., administrative passwords, trusted signing keys)?

A. Store the information encrypted and offline in a storage safe.
B. Encrypt the information using a zip file with a password.

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