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A trainer has just finished the lesson covering a complex concept that is essential to
understanding the next topic of the course. Most of the learners are looking at the trainer with
blank expressions. When the trainer asks questions designed to determine whether the class
understands the concept, most learners look away. Which of the following actions by the trainer
prior to the lesson would MOST have helped prevent the reactions described above?

A. Having the learners state the experience they have had with the topic and helping them form
questions they would like to have answered
B. Providing an overview of the concept to be covered and stating why it is important
C. Giving the learners a summary of the concept to be covered in that particular lesson and of
the concepts that wil be covered in the lessons that follow
D. Giving learners a selection of readings about the concept for them to read before the lesson
is started

Answer(s): A
For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that the trainer wil
achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement of the reason that the action is likely or unlikely to
accomplish the goal.
GOAL:To anticipate foreseeable difficulties that a class may have in understanding course
ACTION:Develop supplemental course materials based on the instructor's technical knowledge
and teaching experience in this area.

A. LIKELY, because the supplemental course material wil make learners more serious about
learning the course material
B. LIKELY, because classes differ in their needs and previous teaching experience guides the
development of supplemental materials
C. UNLIKELY, because some learners will not require supplemental materials to understand
course content
D. UNLIKELY, because the supplemental material cannot cover all possible problems

Answer(s): B
An atmosphere conducive to learning is characterized by each of the following EXCEPT:

A. The instructor emphasizes the need to complete the fixed course agenda.
B. The instructor asks learners to contribute from their fields of expertise.
C. Learners feel free to share personal anecdotes related to the topics when asked.


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