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An instructor notices that several learners in a virtual classroom have not been actively
participating. The learners are stil connected to the session. Which of the following would be
the FIRST action to re-engage the learners in the class?

A. Send them a private message to make sure they understand the material
B. Survey the class with a question and require a response.
C. Use more visual demonstrations to get the learners interested.
D. Send the class a public message that everyone needs to participate.

Answer(s): B

A learner responds incorrectly to an instructor's question. Which of the following is the BEST

A. The instructor should answer the question in order to maintain the self-confidence of the
B. Be honest and tell the learner the answer was incorrect.
C. Thank the participant for trying and desk if someone could help out.
D. Move quickly to the next question so the learner wil not feel embarrassed.

Answer(s): C

An instructor is hosting an online course with ten learners. Half of the learners have taken online
courses before and are familiar with virtual courses. The other half of the class is new to the
virtual environment. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST to help all of the
learners understand what is required for the course?

A. Provide a link to the course requirements with a tutorial.
B. Remove the learners from the class and have them return after a general computing course.
C. Email each learner welcoming them to the class and have them introduce themselves.
D. Have the learner's advisors train the learners on the virtual environment.

Answer(s): A

An instructor is discussing key material for a course when a learner asks a question that wil
lead to material that the class is not yet prepared for. Which of the following is the BEST course
of action for the instructor?

A. Inform the learner that the question can be asked during a break

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