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  • Updated On: 18-Aug-2019

What word describes the bending of an RF signal as it passes through a medium of a varying
density from that of free space?

A. Diffraction
B. Reflection
C. Refraction
D. Diffusion
E. Scattering

Answer(s): C
What can cause an excessively high VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) in a WLAN RF
transmission line?

A. An impedance mismatch in the RF cables and connectors
B. Reflected direct current (DC) voltage on the main RF signal line
C. Attenuation of the RF signal as it travels along the main signal path
D. Crosstalk (inductance) between adjacent RF conductors

Answer(s): A
What factors influence the distance that an RF signal can be effectively received? (Choose 3)

A. Transmitting station's power source
B. Receiving station's radio sensitivity
C. Free Space Path Loss
D. MAC layer encryption
E. Transmitting station's output power
F. Temperature in the Fresnel zone

Answer(s): B, C, E
As an RF wave propagates through space, the wave front experiences natural expansion that
reduces its signal strength in an are
A. What term describes the rate at which this expansion happens?

B. Inverse square law
C. Path spread phenomenon
D. Fresnel zone thinning
E. Ohm's law

Answer(s): B

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