Free 312-49 Exam Braindumps

When an investigator contacts by telephone the domain administrator or controller listed by a Who is lookup to request all e-mails sent and received for a user account be preserved, what U.S.C. statute authorizes this phone call and obligates the ISP to preserve e-mail records?

  1. Title 18, Section 1030
  2. Title 18, Section 2703(d)
  3. Title 18, Section Chapter 90
  4. Title 18, Section 2703(f)

Answer(s): D

Which of the following tool enables a user to reset his/her lost admin password in a Windows system?

  1. Advanced Office Password Recovery
  2. Active@ Password Changer
  3. Smartkey Password Recovery Bundle Standard
  4. Passware Kit Forensic

Answer(s): B

What is the size value of a nibble?

  1. 0.5 kilo byte
  2. 0.5 bit
  3. 0.5 byte
  4. 2 bits

Answer(s): C

Which of the following attacks allows an attacker to access restricted directories, including application source code, configuration and critical system files, and to execute commands outside of the web server’s root directory?

  1. Parameter/form tampering
  2. Unvalidated input
  3. Directory traversal
  4. Security misconfiguration

Answer(s): C

Which among the following files provides email header information in the Microsoft Exchange server?

  1. gwcheck.db
  3. PUB.EDB

Answer(s): B