Free 412-79V9 Exam Braindumps

TCP/IP model is a framework for the Internet Protocol suite of computer network protocols that
defines the communication in an IP-based network. It provides end-to-end connectivity
specifying how data should be formatted, addressed, transmitted, routed and received at the
destination. This functionality has been organized into four abstraction layers which are used to
sort all related protocols according to the scope of networking involved.

Which of the following TCP/IP layers selects the best path through the network for packets to

A. Transport layer
B. Network Access layer
C. Internet layer
D. Application layer

Answer(s): C
Firewall is an IP packet filter that enforces the filtering and security policies to the flowing
network traffic. Using firewal s in IPv6 is stil the best way of protection from low level attacks at
the network and transport layers. Which one of the following cannot handle routing protocols

A. "Internet-router-firewall-net architecture"
B. "Internet-firewall-router-net architecture"
C. "Internet-firewall/router(edge device)-net architecture"
D. "Internet-firewall -net architecture"

Answer(s): B