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What is a consideration when implementing a custom VDS on a VxRail cluster?

  1. Used by multiple clusters managed by a single vCenter instance
  2. Supported with external and internal vCenter Servers
  3. Supports only four NIC uplinks
  4. Supports only two NIC uplinks

Answer(s): B

What is a difference between vSAN Data-In-Transit Encryption and vSAN Data-At-Rest-Encryption?

  1. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Encrypts traffic between VMs and the VxRail nodesData-At-Rest Encryption: Encrypts traffic between VxRail nodes only
  2. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Does not require a Key Management ServerData-At-Rest Encryption: Requires a Key Management Server
  3. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Key Management Server must reside on the vSAN cluster Data-At-Rest Encryption: Key Management Server can reside on the vSAN cluster
  4. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Addresses fear of media theft
    Data-At-Rest Encryption: Addresses fear of rogue administrators

Answer(s): A

What setting is used for the object space reservation in the VXRAIL-SYSTEM-STORAGE-PROFILE?

  1. 50% Reservation
  2. Thick Provisioning
  3. 75% Reservation
  4. Thin Provisioning

Answer(s): D

A systems engineer is deploying a VxRail cluster. They want to ensure that configuration issues can be avoided when expanding this cluster. Which actions need to be performed?

  1. Verify VxRail nodes are racked and connected to the ToR switchesValidate the network environment
  2. Validate that no pending and unfinished jobs are running on the serversVerify that the server and storage components are working properly
  3. Validate that the latest updates and patches are installed in the system Validate that no pending and unfinished jobs are running on the servers
  4. Verify the configuration settings initially captured in PEQValidate the storage environment

Answer(s): C

What is a consideration when adding nodes to a VxRail G Series chassis?

  1. G560 and G410 nodes are permitted in the same chassis
  2. In a full G Series chassis, all nodes must have 10GbE ports
  3. Hybrid and All-Flash nodes are permitted, if in different chassis
  4. All nodes in a G Series chassis must be identical

Answer(s): D