Free MOPF Exam Braindumps

What portfolio document provides stakeholders with an authoritative, up to date source of advice on the portfolio management practices adopted and governance arrangements?

  1. Portfolio Management Framework
  2. Portfolio Strategy
  3. Portfolio Delivery Plan
  4. Portfolio Resource Schedule

Answer(s): C

What does portfolio management provide strategic planning with?

  1. Analysis of the environment within which strategy is developed
  2. Momentum and energy for strategy development based on effective delivery of change
  3. Setting of strategic objectives and confirmation of any changes
  4. Setting the context within which strategic planning operates

Answer(s): B

Which documents are key outputs of the portfolio definition cycle?

  1. Portfolio Management Framework and Portfolio Delivery Plan
  2. Portfolio Benefits Management Framework and Portfolio Benefits Realization Plan
  3. Portfolio Strategy and Portfolio Resource Schedule
  4. Portfolio Strategy and Portfolio Delivery Plan

Answer(s): D

How does portfolio management support effective corporate governance?

  1. Portfolio management assesses whether the programmes and projects within the portfolio are necessary, sufficient, achievable and affordable
  2. Portfolio management develops delivery capability across the organization
  3. Portfolio management aligns performance and portfolio reporting in terms of timing and content
  4. Portfolio management links delivery of the organization's strategic objectives with investment in change in a transparent way that enhances effective accountability

Answer(s): D

What portfolio document sets the standards for consistent approaches to benefits management across the portfolio?

  1. Portfolio Management Framework
  2. Portfolio Benefits Realization Plan
  3. Portfolio Benefits Management Framework
  4. Portfolio Dashboard

Answer(s): C