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Which method of protection is not provided by the Repid Deployment policy template?

  1. Data leakage
  2. Buffer overflow
  3. HTTP protocol compliance
  4. Dynamic parameter validation

Answer(s): D

Which of the following methods are used by the BIG-IP ASM System to protect against SQL injections?

  1. HTTP RFC compliancy checks
  2. Meta-character enforcement and attack signatures
  3. HTTP RFC compliancy checks and length restrictions
  4. Response scrubbing, HTTP RFC compliancy checks, and meta-character enforcement

Answer(s): B

Which statement is correct concerning differences between BIG-IP ASM platforms?

  1. The 4100 has more ports than the 3600
  2. The 4100 and 3600 have the same number of ports
  3. The 4100 and 3600 can support both the module and standalone versions of BIG-IP ASM
  4. The 4100 can support only the standalone version of BIG-IP ASM whereas the 3600 can support both module and standalone versions of BIG-IP ASM

Answer(s): D

A security audit has determined that your web application is vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack.
Which of the following measures are appropriate when building a security policy? (Choose 2)

  1. Cookie length must be restricted to 1024 bytes
  2. Attack signature sets must be applied to any user input parameters
  3. Parameter data entered for explicit objects must be checked for minimum and maximum values
  4. Parameter data entered for flow-level parameters must allow some metacharacters but not others

Answer(s): B,D

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