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Answer(s): C

A set of systematic procedures to apply critical thinking to information, data and experience for
the purpose of solving problems, making decisions, anticipating future problems and appraising
situations is known as:

A. Rational process analysis
B. Lucidity analysi
C. Coherent analysis
D. Prioritization matrix analysis

Answer(s): A

The team begins by identifying a problem and then describing it, which is known as:

A. Digression statement
B. Feasibility statement
C. Deviation statement
D. Explanatory progress

Answer(s): C

A chart that captures all the possible causes of a problem in a format designed to show their
relationships to the problem and to each other is known as:

A. Integration progress chart
B. Fishbone diagram
C. Performance-biased diagram
D. Root cause chart

Answer(s): B

A process of determining the small minority of a population that accounts for the majority of
given effect is called:

A. Pareto analysis
B. Statistical analysis
C. Population analysis
D. None of the above

Answer(s): A

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