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A. aggregate plan
B. aggregate forecast
C. scheduling forecast
D. Top-down strategy

Answer(s): A

The mean of at least two recent periods of demand data is the basis for the next period's
demand forecast is the description of which quantitative forecast method?

A. Naive forecast
B. Simple moving average
C. Weighted moving average
D. Exponential smoothing forecast

Answer(s): B

What is used to lessen the potential biases commonly found using a jury of executive opinion?

A. Structured method
B. Averaging method
C. Series foundation forecasting method
D. Delphi method

Answer(s): B
The underlying assumption is that a forecast can be created based on which of the following
patterns observed within the time series data?

A. Vertical Seasonality, Trend and Cycle
B. Horizontal, Averaging, Variation and Smoothing
C. Horizontal, Seasonality, Trend and Cycle
D. Vertical, Seasonality, Variation and Smoothing

Answer(s): C

An increasing or decreasing patterns of demand over time is considered as a:

A. Trend
B. Cycle
C. Seasonality
D. Analysis

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