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to the cumulative Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD).

A. Key pointer
B. Single period method
C. Tracking signal
D. Mean square error method

Answer(s): C

Any material, component or product that is held for use at a later time is known as:

A. Asset
B. Inventory
C. Record
D. Cash

Answer(s): B

The re-employment, reuse, recycling or regeneration of something of value that is no longer
necessary for the original intent is called:

A. Asset recovery
B. Inventory recovery
C. Financing recovery
D. Supply chain recovery

Answer(s): A

That fact that minor changes in customer demand can become exaggerated as that demand is
communicated up that supply chain is referred to as:

A. embel ished effect
B. amplification effect
C. bul whip effect
D. inflation effect

Answer(s): C

According to the supply management, one of the most useful ways to develop Is to begin with
an inventory report listing all items in descending order of dol ar spent.

A. Top-down classification
B. Slope classification

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