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  • Updated On: 19-Aug-2019

D. NS record
Answer(s): B
Which SMTP sessions are defined as incoming?

A. Al SMTP sessions received by the FortiMail units
B. SMTP sessions for the protected domain
C. SMTP sessions received on the management interface
D. Al sessions generated from the internal network
Answer(s): B
Which back-end servers can be used to provide Recipient Verification?

A. LDAP servers
B. POP3 servers
C. RADIUS servers
D. SMTP servers
Answer(s): A,D
Under which of the following conditions would an email be placed in the Dead Mail queue?

A. The recipient of the email is invalid.
B. The sender of the email is invalid.
C. The email is classified as spam.
D. The remote MTA is performing Greylisting.
Answer(s): A,B
A System Administrator is concerned by the amount of disk space being used to store
quarantine email messages for non-existent accounts. Which of the following techniques can be
used on a FortiMail unit to PREVENT email messages from being quarantined for non-existent

A. Greylist Scanning
B. Recipient Address Verification
C. Sender Reputation
D. Automatic Removal of Invalid Quarantine Accounts
Answer(s): B
Which of the following features can be used to expand a single recipient address into a group of
one or many email addresses?

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