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  • Updated On: 22-Aug-2019

Examine the output of the 'diagnose debug rating' commandshown in the exhibit; then answer the
question below.

Which statement are true regarding the output in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A. There are three FortiGuard servers that are not responding to the queries sent by the FortiGate.
B. The TZ valuerepresents the delta between each FortiGuard server's time zone and the FortiGate's time
C. FortiGate will send the FortiGuard queries to the server with highest weight.
D. A server's round trip delay (RTT) is not used to calculate its weight.

Answer(s): B,C

A FortiGate's portl is connected to a private network. Its port2 is connected to the Internet. Explicit
webproxy is enabled in port1 and only explicit web proxy users can access the Internet. Web cache is
NOT enabled. An internal web proxy user is downloading a file from the Internet via HTTP. Which
statements are true regarding the two entries in the FortiGatesession table related with this traffic?
(Choose two.)

A. Both session have the local flag on.
B. The destination IP addresses of both sessions are IP addresses assigned to FortiGate'sinterfaces.
C. One session has the proxy flag on, the other one does not. D. One of the sessions has the IP address
of port2 as the source IP address.

Answer(s): A,D

A FortiGate device has the following LDAP configuration:

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