Free GED SCIENCE Exam Braindumps

Many scientists believe that early in Earth's history, life began in water, aided by the energy from sunlight. Dissolved molecules probably bonded chemically with each other to produce increasingly complex organic molecules called "heterotroph aggregates." These molecules eventually developed the ability to reproduce.
Why are heterotroph aggregates not found on Earth's Moon?

  1. The effect of Earth's gravity on the Moon is too weak.
  2. The Moon is composed of elements not found on Earth.
  3. There is no energy from sunlight on the Moon.
  4. There is no liquid water on the Moon.
  5. The Moon is composed of inorganic molecules.

Answer(s): D

The three primary colors of light are red, green, and blue. When all three colors are mixed equally, white light is produced. However, if only two colors are mixed equally, one of the three secondary light colors (yellow, cyan, and magenta) will result.

The diagram below can be used to add the colors. For example, if green and blue are mixed, cyan will result because cyan is located between the green and blue circles.
What color will result if red and green light are mixed?

  1. red
  2. blue
  3. yellow
  4. cyan
  5. magenta

Answer(s): C

Based on the graph,

Which conclusion best describes the level of pollution during this period of time?

  1. increased significantly
  2. remained about the same
  3. was highest in the springtime
  4. increased only from year 8 to 9
  5. decreased in the last 20 years

Answer(s): A

Fossils are remains, or traces, of long-dead plants and animals. The site map below shows the fossil record from an excavation site where several fossils were unearthed. Each vertical line on the map represents the span of time an organism existed. This means that a particular organism probably lived during that specific time period and then became extinct.

Based on the information and site map, which statement best describes the fossil record of this site?

  1. All the organisms that formed the fossils existed for the same length of time.
  2. Three of the organisms existed for exactly the same length of time.
  3. The organism with the oldest fossil existed the longest period of time.
  4. The length of time each organism existed varied considerably.
  5. All of the organisms that formed the fossils existed in the same time period.

Answer(s): D

A person who takes medication in capsular form would be ingesting materials produced by which algae?

  1. green algae
  2. brown algae
  3. golden-brown algae
  4. red algae
  5. green algae and brown algae

Answer(s): D