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Which of the following is a requirement in order to implement the principle of least privilege?

  1. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)
  2. Data normalization
  3. Data classification
  4. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

Answer(s): C

Review the below results of an audit on a server. Based on these results, which document would you recommend be reviewed for training or updates?

  1. Procedure for authorizing remote server access
  2. Procedure for modifying file permissions
  3. Procedure for adjusting network share permissions
  4. Procedure for setting and resetting user passwords

Answer(s): D

What documentation should be gathered and reviewed for evaluating an Incident Response program?

  1. Staff member interviews
  2. NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  3. Policy and Procedures
  4. Results from security training assessments

Answer(s): C

Which activity increases the risk of a malware infection?

  1. Charging a smartphone using a computer USB port
  2. Editing webpages with a Linux system
  3. Reading email using a plain text email client
  4. Online banking in Incognito mode

Answer(s): A

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