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Which of the following malicious software travels across computer networks without the assistance of a user?

  1. Worm
  2. Virus
  3. Hoax
  4. Trojan horses

Answer(s): A

What is the major difference between a worm and a Trojan horse?

  1. A worm spreads via e-mail, while a Trojan horse does not.
  2. A worm is a form of malicious program, while a Trojan horse is a utility.
  3. A worm is self replicating, while a Trojan horse is not.
  4. A Trojan horse is a malicious program, while a worm is an anti-virus software.

Answer(s): C

Adam works as a Security Administrator for Umbrella Inc. A project has been assigned to him to test the network security of the company. He created a webpage to discuss the progress of the tests with employees who were interested in following the test. Visitors were allowed to click on a company's icon to mark the progress of the test. Adam successfully embeds a keylogger. He also added some statistics on the webpage. The firewall protects the network well and allows strict Internet access.
How was security compromised and how did the firewall respond?

  1. The attack was social engineering and the firewall did not detect it.
  2. Security was not compromised as the webpage was hosted internally.
  3. The attack was Cross Site Scripting and the firewall blocked it.
  4. Security was compromised as keylogger is invisible for firewall.

Answer(s): A

You work as a Network Administrator for Infonet Inc. The company has a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory-based single domain single forest network. The company has three Windows 2008 file servers, 150 Windows XP Professional, thirty UNIX-based client computers. The network users have identical user accounts for both Active Directory and the UNIX realm. You want to ensure that the UNIX clients on the network can access the file servers. You also want to ensure that the users are able to access all resources by logging on only once, and that no additional software is installed on the UNIX clients.

What will you do to accomplish this task?
Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. (Choose two.)

  1. Configure a distributed file system (Dfs) on the file server in the network.
  2. Enable the Network File System (NFS) component on the file servers in the network.
  3. Configure ADRMS on the file servers in the network.
  4. Enable User Name Mapping on the file servers in the network.

Answer(s): B,D

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