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Flowlogistic wants to use Google BigQuery as their primary analysis system, but they still have Apache Hadoop and Spark workloads that they cannot move to BigQuery. Flowlogistic does not know how to store the data that is common to both workloads.
What should they do?

  1. Store the common data in BigQuery as partitioned tables.
  2. Store the common data in BigQuery and expose authorized views.
  3. Store the common data encoded as Avro in Google Cloud Storage.
  4. Store he common data in the HDFS storage for a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster.

Answer(s): B

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MJTelco's Google Cloud Dataflow pipeline is now ready to start receiving data from the 50,000 installations. You want to allow Cloud Dataflow to scale its compute power up as required.
Which Cloud Dataflow pipeline configuration setting should you update?

  1. The zone
  2. The number of workers
  3. The disk size per worker
  4. The maximum number of workers

Answer(s): A

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MJTelco needs you to create a schema in Google Bigtable that will allow for the historical analysis of the last 2 years of records. Each record that comes in is sent every 15 minutes, and contains a unique identifier of the device and a data record. The most common query is for all the data for a given device for a given day.
Which schema should you use?

  1. Rowkey: date#device_idColumn data: data_point
  2. Rowkey: dateColumn data: device_id, data_point
  3. Rowkey: device_idColumn data: date, data_point
  4. Rowkey: data_pointColumn data: device_id, date
  5. Rowkey: date#data_pointColumn data: device_id

Answer(s): D

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You create a new report for your large team in Google Data Studio 360. The report uses Google BigQuery as its data source. It is company policy to ensure employees can view only the data associated with their region, so you create and populate a table for each region. You need to enforce the regional access policy to the data.

Which two actions should you take? (Choose two.)

  1. Ensure all the tables are included in global dataset.
  2. Ensure each table is included in a dataset for a region.
  3. Adjust the settings for each table to allow a related region-based security group view access.
  4. Adjust the settings for each view to allow a related region-based security group view access.
  5. Adjust the settings for each dataset to allow a related region-based security group view access.

Answer(s): B,D

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