Free HP0-M44 Braindumps

A. number and type of reports
B. total number of system users
C. total number of monitors that will be deployed
D. frequency of monitoring in runs per minute
E. number and type of alerts

Answer(s): C, D
What should you do to reduce the number of alerts? (Select four.)

A. Increase the monitor frequency.
B. Filter alerts.
C. Plan effective grouping approach and grouping dependencies.
D. Tune alert definitions.
E. Ensure the monitored application is always up.
F. Configure monitor dependencies.

Answer(s): B, C, D, F
What is the best network location for the SiteScope host?

A. anywhere on a Wide Area Network
B. as physically close to the remote servers as possible
C. inside the firewall
D. outside the firewall

Answer(s): B
Which statements are true when no domain privileges are set for SiteScope Monitoring? (Select

A. Al remote Windows servers must be configured in the remote server tree.
B. WMI must be used and the WMI service must be configured on the remote machine.
C. The remote server tree view is autopopulated.
D. SiteScope service must run as a Local System account.
E. A large number of authentication requests may overload the Domain Controller.
F. Connection profiles issues can be individually addressed.

Answer(s): A, F
How can you set Windows domain privileges for SiteScope Monitoring (Windows platform)?
(Select three.)

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