Free HPE0-J68 Exam Braindumps

Refer to the exhibit.

You are configuring a new HPE array and verifying properties of a set of volumes. Which RAID level is used on the VMwareDatastores-GF volume?

  1. RAID 0
  2. RAID 6
  3. Triple Parity+
  4. RAID 5

Answer(s): D

Which function is built into the HPE 3par OS and enable users to move data and workloads between array without impacting applications, users, or services?

  1. Peer persistence
  2. Adaptive optimization
  3. Peer motion
  4. Remote copy

Answer(s): A

An existing Nimble customer is interested in adding storage to their environment to store his Backups, but has a constrained budget and limited personal .The solution must scale to allow for substantial growth over the next five years?

  1. Nimble SF series
  2. Nimble AF series
  3. Nimble cloud volume
  4. Nimble CS series

Answer(s): B

A customer has a 3PAR storeserv with FC and SSD drives who would like to improve the performance for random reads. Which 3PAR Storeserve feature would provide better read performance?

  1. Adaptive Flash Cache
  2. Deduplication
  3. Smart Cache
  4. Express Layout

Answer(s): A

Which statement is correct when comparing functionalities of the AF, CF, and SF series in the nimble storage portfolio?

  1. Zero copy clone are unique feature of all flash array within the nimble portfolio
  2. SF series supports storage snapshots and replication using veeeam backup & replication CS and AF series support storage snapshot only.
  3. Inline deduplication for complete array capacity in combination with compression is offered by the AF and SF series only (67) need to check
  4. 99.9999% availability measured and guaranteed for AF and CF series arrays, SF series array offer 99.999% availability.

Answer(s): C