Free HPE0-S58 Exam Braindumps

During an initial setup of a Synergy environment, an integrator needs to enable or disable authorized Service access. What will be the outcome when the integrator disables this service?

  1. Authenticated administrators will be unable to make changes to the system
  2. Authorized users will be unable to generate a support dump
  3. Authenticated administrators will be unable to access the system
  4. Authorized support will be unable to diagnose the system

Answer(s): D

Reference: (62)

A customer needs an integrator to add HPE 3PAR StoreServ to the HPE Composer. When the integrator tries to add it, they get an error and 3PAR is not added.
What should the integrator check that may be causing this error?

  1. if HPE 2PAR StoreServ Web Services API Server is enabled
  2. if storage integration plug-in is enabled on the HPE Composer
  3. if HPE 3PAR StoreServ array has an integration licenses applied
  4. if at least one virtual domain is created on a 3PAR array

Answer(s): B

An integrator is validating a Synergy solution configuration for a customer who requires connectivity to existing SAN switches. The interconnect modules selected are HPE Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module for HPE Synergy.
Which component must be in the configuration to meet this requirement?

  1. HPE Synergy 8Gb FC License Upgrade
  2. HPE Synergy 10Gb Interconnect Link Module
  3. HPE B-series with S-channel aggregation
  4. HPE Synergy 20Gb Interconnect Link Module

Answer(s): D

Refer to exhibit.

A customer is expanding its Synergy environment from one rack with a 3-frame master/satellite configuration to five racks (15 Synergy Frames) with identical hardware configurations.
What must the integrator do to perform this Synergy expansion?

  1. Create new Logical Enclosure (LE), Logical Enclosure Group (LIG), and Enclosure Group (EG) for each rack
  2. Create a new Logical Enclosure (LE) for each rack using existing templates
  3. Re-home the Logical Enclosure (LE) using the edited Enclosure Group (EG) and Logical Interconnect Group (LIG)
  4. Perform hardware discovery from the console, and copy the Logical Enclosure (LE)

Answer(s): B

A customer wants to expand their existing cluster using the Grow Cluster functionality from OneView for vCenter Server by Image Streamer is not available.
Which OS build plan managed by HPE OneView for vCenter Server can the customer use?

  1. iLO Virtual Media-Based Deployment
  2. PXE-Based Deployment
  3. iLO Federation-Based Deployment
  4. ICsp-Based Deployment

Answer(s): A

Reference: (72)