Free HPE0-V14 Exam Braindumps

A customer just purchased a ProLiant DL385Gemo Plus and warns 10 team more about HPE intelligent Provisioning features.
Which task can the customer complete using HPE Intelligent Provisioning?

  1. configure OS networking
  2. install supported ESXt operating system
  3. configure iLO Federation groups
  4. deploy OS patches

Answer(s): D

Which tool provides a report on the current usage levels and life span of some installed read-intensive flash drives?

  1. Central Management Console
  2. Integrated Management Log
  3. Intelligent Provisioning
  4. Smart Storage Administrator

Answer(s): D

A customer needs to connect two switches without VLANs or Spanning Tree. To which mode should the switches be set?

  1. Routing Mode
  2. Bridge Mode
  3. Switch Mode
  4. Gateway Mode

Answer(s): D

A customer needs a Fibre Channel storage solution that supports block storage with the lowest cost. Which HPE solution meets this customer’s requirements?

  1. HPE Nimble Storage
  2. HPE SimpliVity
  3. HPE MSA
  4. HPE StoreVirtual VSA

Answer(s): C

You need to update the firmware on an MSL2024 to version 26.43.51. Which HPE utility do you need to use?

  1. OneView Standard
  2. Smart Storage Administrator
  3. Central Management Console
  4. Library & Tape Tools

Answer(s): D