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Which of the following is a key trend in the IT industry that is driving the adoption of HPE Edge-to- Cloud Solutions?

  1. Increasing use of legacy systems
  2. Decreasing demand for data storage
  3. Growing use of data analytics and AI
  4. Decreasing demand for high-speed network connectivity

Answer(s): C

What is a key difference between a public cloud and a private cloud?

  1. Public clouds are owned by individual companies, while private clouds are owned by the government
  2. Public clouds are hosted on-premises, while private clouds are hosted off-premises
  3. Public clouds are open to the general public, while private clouds are only accessible to specific users
  4. Public clouds are designed for small-scale operations, while private clouds are designed for large- scale operations

Answer(s): C

Which of the following is a key benefit of a hybrid cloud solution?

  1. Reduced security risks
  2. Lower cost of ownership
  3. Simplified deployment process
  4. Greater flexibility and scalability

Answer(s): D

Which of the following is an example of an IT industry architecture that is commonly used in HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions?

  1. Virtualization
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Blockchain
  4. Augmented reality

Answer(s): A

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