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What is one competitive advantage of an HPE Intelligent Workspace solution?

  1. HPE holds more patents for location-based services technology than any other vendor.
  2. HPE is the only company to deliver digital unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions.
  3. HPE provides an end-to-end solution and avoids partnering with application providers.
  4. HPE has extensive experience with workplace productivity, platforms, and infrastructure.

Answer(s): D

A customer tells you their company does not need services because the product warranty will provide sufficient protection. How can you explain why the warranty is not sufficient?

  1. The customer needs coverage outside normal business hours.
  2. The customer needs replacement of defective parts.
  3. The customer is responsible for paying shipping costs for replacement parts.
  4. The customer must prove that they did not cause the problem by misconfiguring the product.

Answer(s): A

What is the current impact of big data and Hadoop on enterprise data centers?

  1. Hadoop is a new technology, and most enterprises are waiting to implement it until larger companies, such as Google, have demonstrated its effectiveness.
  2. Most companies have successfully implemented Hadoop already; you will find the most promising opportunities in moving customers from Hadoop to online transactional databases.
  3. Half of enterprise customers have implemented Hadoop, but most still experience issues, partially due to an infrastructure not designed to support big data.
  4. Most companies have found that Hadoop is less effective for handling big data; they prefer open- source solutions such as SAPHANA.

Answer(s): C

What is one way to explain the benefits of HPE Synergy fluid resource pools to a customer?

  1. Fluid resource pools support workload-specific processing, which optimizes task processing.
  2. Fluid resource pools offer always-on data deduplication and compression.
  3. Fluid resource pools liberate resources stranded in silos, which reduces over-provisioning and CAPEX.
  4. Fluid resource pools enable developers to customize networking functions dynamically in real time.

Answer(s): A

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