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Based on the exhibit, what is the maximum number of APs that this Mobility Master (MM)
solution can support?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 32
D. 500

Answer(s): C
A network administrator needs to create an Aruba firewall rule that permits wireless users to
receive DHCP settings when they first connect to the Aruba solution. What are the correct
source and destination aliases for the rule?

A. source = any and destination = user
B. source = any and destination = any
C. source = user and destination = user
D. source = user and destination = any

Answer(s): A
How can network administrator provide high availability for APs deployed in an Aruba Mobility
Master (MM)-based architecture?

A. Establish clusters of Mobility Controllers (MCs).
B. Configure MM to provide backup AP tunnel termination in case of controller failure.
C. Deploy all licenses locally yo APs, so that they can continue to function if they lose contact
with their controller.
D. Configure APs to convert to controller-less Instant AP mode during controller failure.

Answer(s): A
A WLAN in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution enforces Enterprise-WPA2 security
and uses the tunnel forwarding mode. The company has an external RADIUS server.
Which device exchanges RADIUS packets with the RADIUS server?

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