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B. 802.11f
C. 801.11m
D. 802.11i

Answer(s): A

In a VPN that uses certificate-based authentication, which component must be configured on
the Mobility Master (MM) to allow a RAP to successfully connect to a Mobility Controller (MC)?

A. RAP VPN username and password
B. WLAN and new RAP group
C. RAP IPSec pre-shared key
D. RAP whitelist

Answer(s): D

An administrator sets up a firewall policy that implements split-tunneling for RAPs. Which
firewall rule action should the administrator specify for traffic that the RAP should forward
directly to the Internet?

A. split-tunnel
B. route:src-nat
C. route:dst-nat
D. permit

Answer(s): D

10A company has a wireless network that contains a cluster of four Aruba 7030 Mobility
Controllers (MC) managed by a Mobility Master (MM) located in the data center. The company
has Aps deployed that are nearing the capacity of the cluster. The administrator wants to
increase AP capacity.
How can the administrator solve the problem?

A. Add a new controller to the Mobility Master.
B. Add a Virtual Mobility Controller to the existing cluster.
C. Add a 7030 controller to the existing cluster.
D. Add a 7220 controller to the existing cluster.

Answer(s): B

Refer to the exhibit.

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