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A customer is purchasing Aruba 555 APs for a new wireless network. The APs will be pre-staged as campus APs (CAPs) and be managed by a controller solution During the pre-staging process, console
access to the APs might be necessary Which console connection cable should the customer purchase for the 555 APs?

  1. RJ-45
  2. RS-232
  3. USB-A
  4. Micro-B USB

Answer(s): D

A company needs to replace an existing legacy wireless and wired solution with one that supports features like 802 11 ax for APs and logical switching for switches. The company is located on a single floor with two wiring closets. Assume that there will be 10 APs connected via POE+ to each wiring closet, along with 36 wired user connections All switches on a floor should be configured in a single stack. The distance between wiring closets is 100 feet (31 meters). Which switching solution will minimally provide 10 Gbps uplinks at the most cost-effective price, while still meeting the company's requirements?

  1. 2930M switches
  2. 2930F switches
  3. 5406R switches
  4. 3810M switches

Answer(s): A

A customer has a need to track traffic patterns and anomalies on a pair of ArubaOS-CX 8400 series switches. Which technology will the customer need to deploy for these switches?

  1. Mobility First
  2. NetEdit
  3. Network Analysis Engine
  4. 2 CiearPass

Answer(s): B

A company has a warehouse that requires ruggedized APs to provide wireless access The APs need to support these characteristics:
· 2 or more spatial streams
· 802.11 ac and 802.11 n support
Cat 7 Ethernet cabling will be used to connect the APs to POE+ capable switches Link aggregation
should be employed between the APs and the Ethernet switches. Which would be the most cost- effective solution that would meet the company's requirements?

  1. AP 375 with external omnidirectional antennas
  2. AP 365 with integrated omnidirectional antennas
  3. AP 318 with external omnidirectional antennas
  4. AP 510 with external omnidirectional antennas and plastic AP cover

Answer(s): C

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SuckerPumch88 4/25/2022 10:24:00 AM
the questions are exactly the same in real exam. just make sure not to answer all them correct or else they suspect you are cheating.

SuckerPumch88 4/25/2022 10:24:35 AM
The questions are exactly the same in real exam. Just make sure not to answer all them correct or else they suspect you are cheating.