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What can be determined from the command output shown below?

  1. The synchronized data is protected by VRRP.
  2. The command was executed on the standby Mobility Master (MM).
  3. The synchronization period is at its default value.
  4. The other Mobility Master (MM) is the active license server.

Answer(s): C

Refer to the exhibit.

Which controller shown in the exhibit is elected as the cluster leader?

  1. Controller A
  2. Controller Ð'
  3. Controller C
  4. Controller D

Answer(s): B

An administrator con gures an ArubaOS-Switch for per-user tunneled node. Which protocols does the switch use to establish and maintain a connection with the
Aruba Mobility Controller (ÐС)? (Choose two.)

  1. PAPI
  2. GRE
  3. IPSec
  4. SSL

Answer(s): A,B

An administrator has multiple AAA servers, some Microsoft RADIUS and some ClearPass. When 802.1X users authenticate, the administrator wants to ensure that the authentication requests are handled by the appropriate AAA server. Users enter their username in this format:
What must the administrator implement to ensure the correct AAA server processes the authentication request?

  1. server matching rules for the 802.1X pro le
  2. server matching rules for the VAP pro le
  3. server matching rules for the AAA pro le
  4. server matching rules for the server group

Answer(s): D

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