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An administrator wants to implement a Live Upgrade (in-service upgrade) of a cluster in an Aruba wireless solution. Which ArubaOS feature does the Mobility
Master (MM) use to ensure RF redundancy, so that when one or more APs are rebooted there is no loss of wireless coverage for users?

  1. AirMatch
  2. Mobility Controller load balancing
  3. AP image veri cation
  4. AP image preload

Answer(s): A

An administrator needs to authenticate users connected to an ArubaOS-Switch where the switch authenticates the user, assigns the rewall policies to the user, and processes some of the users' tra c. Which connection method should the administrator con gure on the ArubaOS- Switch?

  1. Per-port tunneled node
  2. Per-user tunneled node
  3. VLAN tunneled mode
  4. Split-tunneled mode

Answer(s): A

What is true about the operation of the Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) shown below?

  1. The disaster recovery mode is enabled, and changes will be sent to the Mobility Master.
  2. The disaster recovery mode is disabled, and changes will be sent to the Mobility Master.
  3. The disaster recovery mode is enabled, and no changes will be forwarded to the Mobility Master.
  4. The Mobility Master is in disaster recovery mode and will push changes to a Managed Controller.

Answer(s): C

An administrator supports an Aruba wireless solution that uses ClearPass to implement server role assignment. A user reports that they are not able to access the correct department resources. The administrator determines from the connected controller that the user is associated to the login user pro le instead of the department user pro le.
What should the administrator examine on the ClearPass server to determine the Aruba VSA User Role value that ClearPass returns to the controller?

  1. Accounting
  2. Audit Viewer
  3. Event Viewer
  4. Access Tracker

Answer(s): D

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