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An administrator deploys an AP at a branch o ce. The branch o ce has a private WAN circuit that provides connectivity to a corporate o ce controller. An
Ethernet port on the AP is connected to a network storage device that contains sensitive information. The administrator is concerned about sending this tra c in clear-text across the private WAN circuit.
What can the administrator do to prevent this problem?

  1. Enable IPSec encryption on the AP's wired ports.
  2. Convert the campus AP into a RAP.
  3. Redirect the wired port tra c to an AP-to-controller GRE tunnel.
  4. Enable AP encryption for wired ports.

Answer(s): A

An administrator needs to modify a VAP used for a branch o ce RAP. The VAP's operating mode is currently de ned as backup and uses tunnel mode forwarding. The administrator wants to implement split-tunnel forwarding mode in the VAP. Which WLAN operating mode must the administrator de ne for the VAP before the tunnel forwarding mode can be changed to split-tunnel?

  1. Trusted
  2. Always
  3. Persistent
  4. Standard

Answer(s): D

The administrator expects the AP to connect to a cluster, but the AP fails to connect. The administrator examines the con guration of an AP from apboot mode shown in the exhibit. What can the administrator determine about the con guration of the AP?

  1. The AP is con gured to terminate on a Mobility Controller in a cluster.
  2. The AP is con gured as a RAP to terminate on a stand-alone controller.
  3. The AP is con gured as a RAP to terminate on a Mobility Master.
  4. The AP is con gured to terminate on a non-cluster Mobility Controller.

Answer(s): D

An administrator creates service-based policies for AirGroup on the Mobility Master (MM). The administrator can de ne location-based policy limits based on which information?

  1. controller names, controller groups, and controller Fully Quali ed Domain Names (FQDNs)
  2. AP names, AP groups, controller names, and controller groups
  3. AP Fully Quali ed Location Names (FQLNs) and controller Fully Quali ed Domain Names (FQDNs)
  4. AP names, AP groups, and AP Fully Quali ed Location Names (FQLNs)

Answer(s): D


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