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Which forwarding mode is used for a WLAN if a RAP needs to decrypt all user tra c and forward it locally?

  1. Bridge
  2. Decrypt-tunnel
  3. Tunnel
  4. Split-tunnel

Answer(s): A

A company opens a new branch o ce and a RAP is used to connect to a corporate o ce Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The company needs to provide connectivity to the o ce across the street. There is an AP across the street. However, there is no wired connectivity between the buildings.
Which actions can the administrator select to provide the required connectivity? (Choose two.)

  1. Implement two mesh clusters.
  2. Provision the RAP as a Remote Mesh Portal.
  3. Provision all APs at the branch o ces as Mesh Points.
  4. Provision all APs at the branch o ces as Mesh Portals.
  5. Implement one of the APs as a Mesh Point.

Answer(s): B,C

An administrator supports a group of employees that connect to the corporate o ce using the VIA client. An Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), behind a corporate rewall, terminates the user's VPN sessions. The VPN sessions fail to establish because of the existing rewall rules. Which connections must the administrator allow on the rewall? (Choose three.)

  1. TCP 443
  2. UDP 8211
  3. UDP 8202
  4. UDP 500
  5. UDP 4500
  6. TCP 4443

Answer(s): A,D,E

Refer to the exhibit.

The Branch o ce RAP shown in the exhibit provides secure wireless employee access. Because of security concerns, the company's security policy does not allow wireless guest access. Some customers that visit the Branch o ce need Internet access. A RAP's Ethernet Port 3 is used for wired guest access and Port 2 is used for wired employee access. When employees connect to Port 2, they are authenticated successfully and a split-tunnel policy allows them access to both corporate and Internet resources from the Branch o ce. Guest users, however, cannot access Internet resources on Port 3.
How can the administrator provide guest users Internet access?

  1. Create a guest VAP that allows wired RAP port access.
  2. Implement ClientMatch to handle the employee and guest user tra c correctly.
  3. Con gure a bridge role for the wired RAP port.
  4. Implement the MultiZone feature on the RAP.

Answer(s): A

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