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An administrator wants to temporarily deny login access to users who fail 802.1x authentication functions three or more times. Which process will the administrator need to con gure?

  1. fail through
  2. captive portal
  3. EAP termination
  4. blacklisting

Answer(s): D

A network of Mobility Controllers (MCs) is managed by a Mobility Master (MM). An administrator miscon gures the IP addressing on an MC and the MC loses connectivity to the MM.
How should the administrator x this problem?

  1. Restore the previous con guration on the Mobility Master.
  2. Use the disaster recovery mode on the Mobility Master.
  3. Use the auto-recovery mode on the Mobility Master.
  4. Use the disaster recovery mode on the Mobility Controller.

Answer(s): D

An administrator implements a standalone controller that runs ArubaOS 8.x. Which feature should the administrator con gure to optimize the RF operation for the company's WLAN?

  1. Clustering
  2. Zones
  3. AirMatch
  4. ARM

Answer(s): D

An administrator wants to implement the MultiZone feature in a company's network to segregate corporate and guest tra c. Corporate tra c will have APs establish connections to a cluster managed by a Mobility Master (MM), and guest tra c will have the same APs establish connections to a standalone controller at the company's DMZ.
Given this scenario, what is true about the implementation of MultiZone?

  1. Only the primary zone can reboot, upgrade, or provision MultiZone APs.
  2. A management session is established only with the primary zone, but data sessions are established to all zones.
  3. The primary and data zones must be in the same L2 subnet.
  4. A MultiZone AP can initially connect to any zone to obtain its con guration.

Answer(s): A

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