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An administrator con gures the MultiZone feature for a company network, where a mobility cluster is the primary zone and a standalone controller in the company's DMZ represents a secondary data zone. The administrator con gures two AP Groups and respective VAPs for the zones on the Mobility Master (MM) in the primary zone. When the APs boot up and establish connections to both zones, the administrator notices that no data connections are established to the data zone.
What must the administrator do to x this problem?

  1. Con gure the same AP Groups and VAPs on the standalone controller, and associate the MultiZone APs to both groups.
  2. Con gure the same AP Group in the data zone as it is in the primary zone, and con gure the VAPs in the data zone.
  3. Have the MultiZone APs initially boot from the standalone controller in the data zone.
  4. Create different AP Groups and VAPs on the Mobility Master and standalone controllers, and associate the MuttiZone APs to both groups.

Answer(s): B

An administrator troubleshoots a roaming problem where a user loses connectivity to the network during the roaming process. To help troubleshoot this problem, which device or devices in a wireless network initiates the roaming process?

  1. the AP
  2. both the client and the controller
  3. the client
  4. the controller

Answer(s): C

Which RAP WLAN operation mode should an administrator con gure if the SSID should only be advertised if controller connectivity is lost?

  1. Standard
  2. Persistent
  3. Always
  4. Backup

Answer(s): D

An administrator supports a cluster of four Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) with management addresses of,,, and
10.1.305.114. The administrator accesses an AP associated with this cluster, reboots it, and accesses apboot mode. The administrator executes the printenv command. Which AP parameter contains the IP addresses of the cluster members that the AP should use to connect to the cluster?

  1. master_ip
  2. cfg_lms
  3. servername
  4. nodelist

Answer(s): D

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